The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is an all-time classic princess with her beautiful, red hair and her lovely singing voice, she was a princess that every little girl sought to be. However after hearing what the original Little Mermaid had to go through I am not so sure I would still want to be her. The Disney movie is loved so much for the sweet love story that begins at the first sight of Prince Eric. Hans Christian Andersen’s version tells that falling in love with the prince is not the only reason she wants to become a human. Humans in the story have eternal souls and mermaids do not, therefore yes she still wants to fall in love with Prince Eric but she has other motives to give up her tail. As a child Ursula was a terrifying creature that I could not bare to watch. Andersen’s “Ursula” is even more terrifying. She still takes “Ariel’s” voice in exchange for her legs but the consequences of not marrying the prince are much higher. The Little Mermaid’s life is at stake if she does not fall in love with and marry the prince. On top of that every step she takes with her new legs feels as if she is walking on broken glass, yet another price to pay to fall in love with and marry the prince. And what about Disney’s always happy endings. Not in Andersen’s. The prince ends up marrying someone else and “Ariel” has the opportunity to kill him in order to save her own life; but she can’t bring herself to do it and instead jumps into the sea and becomes sea foam. Not exactly the ending that is hoped for but is nonetheless the original Little Mermaid.

little mermaid andersen



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