Beauty and the Beast

Beauty was always a female character that little girls could relate to. She had a love for books and also loved her father. However in the original story Beauty’s father loses all of his money and gives up his daughter in order to save his life. Not the sweet, harmless dad that is described in the Disney movie. Beauty’s dad takes one of the roses from Beast’s garden and that is why Beauty must stay with him in order to make up for the stolen flower. The simple love story that takes place in Beauty and the Beast is another point that drags viewers in. The original story says nothing about falling in love rather the Beast nags Beauty every night she is with him to marry him. She rejects his proposal each time and never displays the, “tale as old as time,” love that we see with Disney. Unlike the original Little Mermaid, this original story does have a happy ending. Beauty is sent home for a week to check on her dying father, but she must return after a week or else the Beast will die. When she is home her evil stepsisters trick her into staying longer. When she goes back to the castle Beauty finds the Beast in the garden barely breathing. After a few tears and an acceptance of his proposal, Beast’s health is restored and he is transformed into a handsome prince.




2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Interesting to learn that the real story behind beauty and the beast really does not involve any sort of love found in today;s version. Makes me wonder why Disney decided to make a movie about this and why they twisted it so much.


  2. In all honesty I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Disney fairy tales, and it wasn’t until high school that I learned about a book by the Brothers Grimm in which all fairy tales are given in their own true light. I still find it interesting to be able to go and find out about the true background of these fairy tales. Very interesting!


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