Tangled is Disney’s very vague form of the princess Rapunzel. The original Rapunzel doesn’t have an evil “mom” that kidnaps her, a magic flower, or an adventurous journey to the castle. Her tall tower that is supposed to keep her away from the world isn’t present either. What gets Rapunzel in trouble in the original story is that she is going to have a baby, the prince’s baby. However the evil sorceress finds out about the pregnancy and is determined to split them up. The sorceress cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and throws her into the woods. When the prince shows up she makes him believe that Rapunzel is there by dangling her hair out the window. The prince is told that he will never see Rapunzel again and then jumps out of the window into thorns. He is blinded from the thorns but continues to wander through the woods to find Rapunzel. There is one similarity between Disney’s Tangled and the original story however. The prince finally finds Rapunzel by hearing her voice. When they are reunited Rapunzel cries and her tears heal the prince’s eyes. So Disney did pick up on Rapunzel’s healing tears. The best part about the original story is that there is actually a happy ending. Rapunzel has twins and she and the prince return to his castle and live happily ever after.

original rapunzel


3 thoughts on “Rapunzel

  1. I enjoyed your post, I grew up with Disney, but haven’t watched Tangled. I had no clue Tangled was a form of Rapunzel. It shouldn’t be long until they remake Rapunzel into a major motion picture, I know Disney is coming out with Cinderella soon and am interested to see how that turns out.


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