Snow White

The real Snow White story happens to be a bit weirder and less violent like other original stories. The evil queen not only wants Snow White to be killed, but she wants her heart and liver as a nice meal. However the hunter can’t bring himself to kill her and instead brings the evil queen the heart and liver of a boar. The evil queen goes ahead and eats the heart and liver not knowing that it’s not Snow White’s. I am not sure which one is more disturbing that she ate a boar’s heart and liver or that she thought that it belonged to a young girl while she was eating it. The evil queen has more tricks up her sleeve than in the original story. It takes her three times of trying to kill Snow White before she uses the iconic poisoned apple trick. Snow White faints and seems to have died just like the movie, but it’s not the prince’s true love’s kiss that revives her. The prince sees Snow White in her glass coffin and decides that he wants her and orders the dwarves to carry her. Pretty weird considering that they all think she is dead at this point. Nonetheless the dwarves began to carry her for the prince and along the way they trip which frees the poisonous apple from her throat. As a result of the dwarves clumsiness Snow White wakes up and the prince and her get married and live happily ever after. The evil queen is punished by having to wear burning-hot iron shoes and dance until she dies at their wedding.

old snow white


3 thoughts on “Snow White

  1. Jeez, the evil queen is crazy. I’ve always forgotten how much more in-depth the Disney stories really are besides just what is marketed. Everyone associates Snow White with the dwarves and the prince’s kiss, but it’s interesting how sinister the “behind-the-scenes” stuff is.


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