Sleeping Beauty

Disney had to work really hard to turn the original Sleeping Beauty into a happily ever after tale. Poor sleeping beauty was unconscious from the spindle’s flax, and the loving prince that comes to rescue her is nowhere to be found in the true version. It happens to be a king that wanders by the castle, and when there is no response he climbs through the window and takes advantage of Sleeping Beauty in her unconscious stage. Thankfully after giving birth to twins while still unconscious, one of the twins sucks the flax out of her finger and Sleeping Beauty wakes up. After this traumatic event I would feel that Sleeping Beauty would be pretty resentful towards the king, but the original story tries to throw in a love story with the king coming back in falling in love with Sleeping Beauty. There’s only one problem the king is married. The king’s wife tries to have the twins murdered, cooked and fed to the king, but she is unsuccessful. She even tries to have Sleeping Beauty burned at the stake. Somehow this original, disturbing tale has a happy ending. The king and Sleeping Beauty end up getting married and live happily ever after, even after all he did to her.

original sleeping beauty


4 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. It’s crazy how different the real story is compared to the version Disney portrays. I never knew that there was a King instead of a Prince and it’s pretty disturbing that the King’s wife tries to have the twins murdered, cooked and fed to the King!


  2. I didn’t know the two stories were so different. I like Disney’s rendition, but the original is a bit more intriguing! Though if I were Sleeping Beauty, I would not have married the king after what he had done (assuming she had any say in the matter).


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