The original Pocahontas is the only Disney movie based on a true story. Actually “based on a true story,” should be loosely used. It is far from the true events that happened. Pocahontas is known for being a brave, young women that is one with nature and loves animals and talking trees. The Disney movie is a love story that is adored for Pocahontas’ courage to stand up for John Smith in order to save his life. The real Pocahontas also essentially saves the lives of all the people John Smith was with. She would bring them food to keep them from starving, but when she was told that John Smith was dead she stopped bringing his people food. In real life after John Smith returns to England, Pocahontas is kidnapped. While she is kidnapped she converts to Christianity and marries not the John she falls in love with in the movie, but a different John, John Rolfe. This would have been a total let down to see Pocahontas marry a different man after risking her life for John Smith in the Disney movie. After marrying John Rolfe Pocahontas goes to England years later. Pocahontas is unfortunately used as an example of a “civilized” Native American while in England. The worst part about the true story is that there are not friendly raccoons and hummingbirds, and there’s definitely not a talking Grandmother Willow tree.



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