Mulan is a perfect example of girl power and strength and courage for all women. The Disney depiction is known for Mulan’s bravery of taking on the role of a warrior. All Mulan wants to do is make her family proud, but feels that she can’t satisfy them in the way a young daughter is suppose to. So in order to gain her family’s approval she does the unthinkable. The original story of Mulan comes from a ballad called Hua Mulan.  Disney’s movie pretty much follows the same story that is originally told in the ballad. However there are a couple of different endings. In Disney’s movie and in the original ballad Mulan returns home safely, makes her family proud, and falls in love with the general. There is also an addition to the original ballad called Sui Tang Yanyi. This story doesn’t have the same happy ending. When Mulan returns in Sui Tang Yanyi her family has fallen apart. No longer is she trying to please them, but rather is struggling to find a living. The only option she is given is to become a concubine. She refuses and commits suicide instead. Her general that she supposedly fell in love with doesn’t even try to rescue her from this horrible situation. It is a good thing Disney based their movie off only Hua Mulan or else it wouldn’t have been happily ever after.

Original Mulan
This is how the original Mulan would have been depicted. Less of a cartoon like Disney and focused more on her warrior attributes.

3 thoughts on “Mulan

  1. Mulan was the first Disney movie I remember actively thinking ‘They are actually showing young girls a strength of character and independent resolve!’ Was very pleased!


  2. Wow, that’s crazy. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies because of her bravery and courage. I’m glad they didn’t use the original version! I don’t think it would have been a Disney movie in that case. But otherwise this is very interesting!


  3. As a kid I would always watch Disney movies, Mulan being one of them. I never knew about there being a story that this was based off. But that is cool to know!! It’s great learning new things about stuff from your childhood.


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