Frozen: Anna and Elsa

Although not one of the original Disney princesses, Anna and Elsa have stormed us with an unforgettable story and songs. Disney’s movie Frozen tells the story of sisters, Anna and Elsa. Elsa has magical winter powers. She is able to make it snow, ice or storm with no problem. However these powers become threatening to Anna and the rest of the kingdom when she can’t control them. Elsa flees the kingdom thinking it is best for everyone. Anna goes after her and along the way finds the love of her life. Anna eventually is able to rescue Elsa, but it is not before almost losing her own life. Elsa learns to control her powers and the sisters and kingdom live happily ever after. The original story Frozen is based on is The Snow Queen. The two main characters in this story are not sisters, but a boy and girl best friends that live next to each other named Gerda and Kai. The Snow Queen kidnaps Kai by freezing him with her kiss. The Snow Queen’s kiss not only freezes him making him paralyzed, but it also erases his memory. Gerda is determined to get Kai back and goes after the Snow Queen. She is able to save him the same way that the Snow Queen kidnapped him, through a kiss. Must have been a true love’s kiss, because Gerda’s kiss brings back life, restores his memory, and saves him from the Snow Queen.original frozen


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